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VMJ Productions

Established as Act Trinity in 2005, The Mission of VMJ Productions (formerly V.Lash Productions) is to present thought-provoking, life-changing works that shed light on the human condition. VMJ Productions offers a multiplicity of productions, works, and services that are not solely for entertainment, but that ultimately give a call to action and evoke positive change in the surrounding world.

VMJ Publishing & Design

We all have thoughts and ideas waiting to emerge from the depths of our being to share with the world ...even though we don't always know how to express them.

That's where VMJ Publishing and Design enters into the picture.

From conceptualization to publishing services, we shape your thoughts with a level of creativity and inspiration that brings your words to life.

VMJ School of the Creative Arts

The VMJ Arts Collective offers a variety of creative arts classes, training, workshops, corporate team building, camps, and other arts-related services in the theatrical, film, media, culinary and literary arts.

The Artist Escape Wellness Retreat

The Artist Escape Wellness Retreat is a quarterly gathering of creatives seeking a time of refreshing, renewal and rejuvenation for the creative soul.  Based on the book by Founder Veronique LaShell MacRae, The Artist Escape: Refreshing, Renewal and Rejuvenation for the Creative Soul, the retreat provides physical, emotional, spiritual and mental care as artists navigate the intricacies of the artistic life.

Upcoming Retreat Date - To Be Announced

Rise of the Phoenix Fringe Festival

The Phoenix is a symbol of rebirth from the ashes of the past. It represents transformation, strength and renewal. In other words, it represents something new that has been born from something that has been destroyed.   Therefore, Rise of the Phoenix Fringe Festival highlights voices and works of those who are generally marginalized, stereotyped, overlooked - silenced.


Reclaiming Identity:

Standing in the Power & 

Freedom of Your Voice



The VMJ Arts Collective, L.L.C. is a holistic creative arts marketplace that speaks to the overall well-being, training, and development of the artist and the creation of works that speak to the human condition.

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